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Company Founder, Telayah Thomas, was always fascinated by do-it-yourself projects since she was a kid. She would sit and watch YouTube videos on DIY projects, cosmetics, and skincare for hours. Coming up with her own concoctions using Vaseline from her mother's drawer, food coloring, and crystal light packets from the kitchen. Excitedly she would skip back to her room, take out her iPad, and record herself creating lip balm.

This intrigue created a full-blown passion for creating skincare products. Now, a mature young 18-year-old woman, she has parlayed her hobby into a professional business. Noticing some of her own skin issues such as dryness and soreness, she has developed more than just a line of products, but a safe space for people like her with skin and muscle ailments that can truly nourish the skin and body.

Bleu Rose Skincare & Co. is for all. From the little girl experimenting with makeup, the athlete in need of relief, to the young woman who has searched all over for the body butter and scrub that really gets the job done.



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